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Distracted Driving in Idaho

Distracted Driving Lawyer in Boise, Meridian and Middleton Assists Victims of Negligence

Strategic Idaho litigator exposes unsafe activity that causes car crashes

The first rule of driving is to keep your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, too many motorists take the tasks of driving for granted and overlook the inherent danger that even a brief distraction can pose. The result too often is an accident that seriously injures or kills another person. At Morgan Law Firm, we fight to deliver justice for Idaho victims of distracted driving accidents. From offices in Boise, Meridian and Middleton, we use evidence of distracted behavior when working to prove fault and aim to deliver the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Established firm pursues compensation for plaintiffs hurt by careless drivers

Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Distracted behavior that drivers should avoid includes:

  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Texting, emailing or reading messages
  • Reaching for objects
  • Eating and drinking
  • Adjusting the stereo
  • Adjusting the GPS
  • Engaging in animated conversation with passengers
  • Personal grooming
  • “Rubbernecking” to look at roadside accidents or other distractions

These activities take your eyes and mind of traffic, preventing you from reacting properly and perhaps even causing you to veer out of your lane. Distracted driving invites collisions, some of which have deadly consequences.

Advocate seeks reimbursement from violators of Idaho’s distracted driving laws

Idaho has a state law against distracted driving, which is defined as “driving in a manner that is inattentive, careless or imprudent rather than heedless or wanton.” In other words, Idaho treats distracted driving as an infraction that is less severe than reckless driving. This is also a primary offense, so if you’re engaged in any of the behavior listed above, a police officer can pull you over and cite you even if you haven’t committed any other moving violation.

Attorney takes on motorists who ignore Idaho’s ban on texting while driving and handheld phone use

The Idaho legislature banned texting while driving in 2012. But, until very recently, the State of Idaho did not specifically prohibit cell phone use, although certain municipalities had passed their own ordinances against using handheld cell phones while driving. That changed in June 2020. Recognizing that one in five Idaho auto accidents involved some type of driver distraction, the legislature passed a law requiring handsfree devices while driving. Handsfree use is even required when stopped at a red light or stop sign. Drivers who seek to use their devices must engage with them through voice command. The new law overrides the patchwork of local ordinances.

Thorough litigator strives to hold distracted drivers accountable for injuries they cause

In an accident case, evidence of distracted driving goes a long way toward proving fault. Evidence can include:

  • Cell phone records — Records may show a phone conversation or text/email exchange at the time of the accident.
  • Driver admission — The at-fault driver may let slip an admission of distracted behavior at the time of the accident, such as, “I’m so sorry, I….”
  • Witness testimony — Passengers in the at-fault driver’s car or other motorists in the vicinity of the accident may corroborate the distracted behavior.

We conduct a thorough investigation to gather all available evidence in order to build a compelling case.

Contact a dedicated Idaho lawyer for a free distracted driver accident consultation

Morgan Law Firm handles distracted driver accident litigation for clients throughout Idaho. Our main office in Boise and we also have locations in Meridian and Middleton. Please call 208-999-1717 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We will come to your home or hospital room if necessary.

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