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Injuries Caused by Idaho Car Accidents

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Experienced litigators understand the extent of serious injuries caused by car crashes

If you are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve full compensation for your losses. Those losses are not always easy to calculate, because the extent of your injuries and your prognosis for recovery may not be clear. In many cases, proving fault for the accident is the easy part; the hard part is ensuring your settlement or jury award provides full compensation. This doesn’t just apply for easily identifiable costs such as medical bills and lost income, but for damages that might difficult to pinpoint, including future income, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and loss of enjoyment of life. At Morgan Law Firm, we have extensive experience with car accident cases resulting in severe and catastrophic injuries. When you retain our services, you can rely on us to be aggressive, strategic and effective as we work tirelessly to deliver optimal results.

Firm handles vehicle collision cases involving all types of significant physical injuries

A serious car crash injury might have long-term consequences. In some cases, the victim never fully recovers. Some of the severe injuries commonly linked to auto accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injury — Blunt force, penetration, or severe shaking to the head or neck area during an auto accident can trigger a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In these cases, brain tissue is destroyed, potentially producing a range of cognitive, physical and emotional impairments. Victims of TBI can suffer loss of motor coordination, slurred speech, memory loss, mood swings, depression, rage, blurred vision and chronic headaches. Recovery from TBI is often slow and many victims of moderate to severe TBI never fully recover. Some require personal care for the rest of their lives.
  • Back, spine and neck injuries — The spinal column and the spinal cord are vulnerable to trauma and the whiplash effect of a sudden impact. As the conduit for nerve impulses to and from the brain, a damaged spinal cord might lead to temporary paralysis below the trauma point. However, if there is a break in the cord, paralysis is permanent. A break in the lumbar or thoracic region renders a victim paraplegic, while a break in the cervical region generally results in quadriplegia. Even moderate speed accidents can cause whiplash which injures the soft tissue of the spinal column: discs, ligaments and muscles. Chronic pain and weakness typically result, and even extensive physical therapy might not restore the victim to full health.
  • Burns — When a crash results in a fire, a victim can be severely burned, possibly causing permanent disfigurement and loss of bodily function in the burn area. Painful skin grafts are often necessary. Amputation of limbs is another potential consequence for individuals with severe burns.
  • Internal injuries — Trauma from impact and penetration by flying debris can cause internal bleeding and organ damage.
  • Broken bones — Displaced fractures generally require surgery and might not fully heal.
  • Lacerations — Deep cuts are capable of causing nerve damage, diminished bodily functions and permanent disfigurement.
  • Road rash — Frequently found following motorcycle accidents, road rash is a severe abrasion caused by friction as a victim skids across the pavement. Like severe burns, this injury sometimes requires skin graft surgery to repair.

When you’ve sustained a severe injury, the responsible party’s insurance company may offer a quick settlement, and that lump sum can seem attractive. However, that amount must be put in the proper context of your needs. It takes an experienced injury attorney to evaluate the offer and effectively pursue full compensation for the injuries you’ve endured.

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